Monday, January 26, 2015

Basement For Rent

My landlord asked me to advertise her basement and I'm giving IRE students priority before the advert is sent out to Mesabi Community College.

2 rooms
Bathroom in bedroom
Off Street Parking
Full use of Kitchen

Month to Month
Available immediately.
Single person with no kids.
No gender restrictions.
Located in Eveleth.


Need more info? Email me or call my landlord. Her number is 218-994-1064.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Follow IRE on Facebook

The IRE public blog is transitioning away from this site ( to Facebook.  Even if you do not have a Facebook account, you can still follow us at:

Friday, August 15, 2014

Marvin Windows & Doors

As summer comes to a close, I’m excited to say I have accepted a full time Co-Op position with Marvin Windows & Doors in Warroad, MN for my final semester at IRE. Throughout this past summer, I have been a part of their new product development team. Each day came with a different set of challenges on innovate new products. From initial designs to prototyping and testing, I've been a part of it all. The transition from IRE to Marvin was seamless. Many of the day to day activates are the same, and communicating with multiple other engineers on the current project I am on is much easier than it was when I started at IRE.

Many people might take something as simple as your window or door not leaking for granted. It’s amazing to me how much engineering and development goes into each product to meet a set of requirements. Things such as thermal transfer, structural support, and leaking are all taken into consideration . So, next time you walk out a door or close a window, remember how much hard work goes into something that can appear to be simple.

Proofread by James Wilson

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Co-op Experiences at IRE

This year at IRE I was able to continue working with Itasca County where I held an internship last summer. I was given the responsibility to design County Road 16 located near Goodland, MN, from start to finish, while working with my team members at Itasca County in Grand Rapids every Thursday and Friday for my co-op experience. At first this project seemed overwhelming with so many tasks. I wasn't quite sure how or where to start. With help and guidance from my co-workers, I was able to get the project to roughly 95% complete (in-completion due to weather and pending permits). Since I will be returning to work full time with Itasca County this summer, I will be able to finish all remaining work as possible including permit approvals, field checks, and contract documents.

This type of experience is very unique to IRE and I know it would not be possible to have this sort of industry experience at any other university. I am very thankful to get the real world experience that I have been able to get here, and I know making these connections and having this background will be very helpful for me in my near future as I am beginning to apply for full time positions.

-Allie Jurvelin

Friday, May 9, 2014

IRE SAE Baja: First Year

The end of this semester marks the end of the first year of design and fabricating work on the first Iron Range Engineering vehicle for the SAE Baja competition. A lot of work was put into the design before fabrication could begin. The fall team created an original design on the CAD program SolidWorks. The designs were tested through SolidWorks Finite Element Analysis function to see if they would hold up as expected. In the spring, more analysis was done and some changes were made to the geometry. Elements of the design including bend radii and heights of certain members had to be adjusted to better accommodate the SAE rules and the properties of the metal to be used.

Original frame design done for the fall of 2013

Modified design over spring semester 2014
The spring team also made a model using the laser cutter to garner a better understanding of the sizing and positioning of the A-Arms to get the desired behaviors from the front and rear suspensions. The physical model was a good way for the team to experiment with different sizes to see the outcome. The team learned a lot about suspension geometry design and how it could potentially affect the vehicle width, ride height, camber, and other properties.

2 dimensional model made to test camber before suspension design was finalized.

Welding in progress.

Base of the frame near completion.

Vehicle at end of spring 2014.
Ready for more design, testing, and fabrication!

The teams over the last year learned a lot about vehicle design and are looking forward to driving and testing to find the points of further improvement before competition in the summer of 2015. 
Proofread by: Tyler Wass

Metsa Memorial Garden

Over the course of the school year, students make sure to be involved in outreach activities for the community.  Personally, I spent much of my time this summer volunteering at a community garden located in Virginia.  I found it very worthwhile to learn about the different plants in the garden and to also learn about the Metsa Memorial Gardens purpose for the community from the most dedicated volunteer, Marlyn Swanson.  This is a link to an article in the Mesabi Daily News to get a better understanding of the garden.

These are just a handful of some of the pictures I took this summer. 


Proofread by: Kali O’Brien

Thursday, May 8, 2014

IRE Internship Bootcamp

At the end of every spring semester Iron Range Engineering (IRE) puts on a two hour training season for the students that are graduating and going off for their first job, and the students that have got summer internships. 
The boot camp is a way for the students to ask questions about what to expect on the job, get information on do's and don'ts of the work place, and for the instructors to pass on helpful hints to help the students succeed in their job or internship.

This bootcamp has become a tradition at IRE.  While it is not required, it is an option that a lot of the students take advantage of.  The boot camp goes through what good traits of a student worker companies looks for, and what traits a student should stay away from while at work.  The instructors that put on the boot camp always have stories to go along with the good points and bad points to help make sure that what they are saying sticks in the students mind.

Going to the boot camp for the second time now, I have been able to learn something new each time. One of the biggest things that I learned is to always have a notebook and pencil or pen to take notes.  This has helped me to remember important information given when I have asked questions and I also used it to help me remember my coworkers name.  Another good thing I have learned from the boot camp is to show up to work and meetings five minutes before they start.  This has been very good to learn and is applied even to school and other aspects outside of school.  Through doing the boot camp I feel as if the information gained has been helpful for my internships and school.  A big part about IRE is that they are teaching us how to be continual learners and this boot camp is one of the many ways IRE helps to accomplish this.

Written By: Adam Benes
Proof Read By: James Simpson